Many students are confusing when they apply for China student visa since they don’t know the exact visa category that are applying for. This post will explain the differences of the student visa category X1 and X2.
In Chinese X 学生 [Xué Shēng] means the student. Letter X comes to Student visa since the first letter of the Student is X in Chinese. This X visa classified as X1 and X2.

X1 Student Visa

X1 visa is for Long-term study (> 180 days) in China. It is issued for student who about to come to China for long term studies. They have to apply the visa from the local embassy before come to China.
X1 visa is only a 30-day stay visa so after enter to China students need to transfer the 30-day X1 visa to a student X1 residence permit (> 180 days) after doing the medical check. Please note that you HAVE TO apply for resident permit before 30 days otherwise you have to pay the penalty or go back to your country.

X2 Student Visa

X2 Visa is for Short-term study (≤180 days) in China. Normally this visa is a single-entry visa and you will not be able to reenter china using same visa, if you leave the country. X2 visa allows foreign students to complete their short-term studies – mostly Chinese language – in China.

How to apply for X1 visa?

Apply for a regular course in universities in China.
Regular course can be:

  • Degree Study
  • Official Exchange program between universities and government
  • Chinese course in university or college

After apply you will receive all the required documents from the university and you can apply for X1 visa form the china embassy in Sri Lanka.
If you are not enrolled in any of those programs, but you still want to stay in China for more than 6 months. This way will also work out.

You can apply for a tourist visa and come to China to change it into X1 visa.
Length 1-2 weeks
Requirement Come to China for more than 1 days for residential registration and health check.


Step 1
Prepare documents, such as Passport page (Chinese visa pages and recent enter China page) and Application Form.
Step 2
After you ready the needed documents, come to China for health Check and residential registration.
Step 3
Apply for the X1 Visa in local Exit & Entry Municipal Public Security Bureau and you will get a temporary paper of resident permit.
Step 4
When you apply for the visa successfully, passport and visa will be delivered to you. Now the process is done!

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